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///Top Lidding Barrier Films for Trays | Poultry
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amLid are high-quality barrier films of various thicknesses with excellent transparency, used as top lidding films for trays with different sealing layers: PP, PET, PS, PE and Alu, intended for packing poultry products, fresh and processed, including chicken, turkey or duck. Flawless look is provided by subtle shrinking, which tightens the film, making it fit perfectly. Available options and properties include: anti-fog additive, peel, reseal (reclose), lamination with paper, flexographic printing up to 10 colors and low to high barrier thanks to EVOH or ALOX.

Properties and Options

  • Sealant layers: PP, PE, PET, PS, Alu
  • High barrier with EVOH, Alox
  • Excellent transparency
  • Anti-Fog for clarity
  • Easy opening „easy-peel”
  • Open / Close reclosing
  • Lamination with paper and laser cutting
  • Flexographic printing up to 10 colors


  • Subtle shrinkage (we get the „drum effect”)
  • Leak-proof sealing „through grease”
  • Suitable for freezing down to -40°C/-40°F
  • Paper imitation printing effect
  • Sterilization and pasteurization
  • Available also as a recyclable mono-material film
  • Available also as a film for cooking in an oven up to 220°C/428°F

Trays Sealable with amLid

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