Rigid Thermoforming Films Laminated with Paper

//Rigid Thermoforming Films Laminated with Paper
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The amThermRigidPaper is designed for packaging products in a modified atmosphere on thermoforming machines. It is used as the bottom packaging material and its barrier properties keep the product fresh and prolong its shelf life.

This state-of-the-art product, called amThermRigidPaper, is specially designed to form packaging for sliced products such as meats, cheeses and other organic products. amThermRigidPaper is a paper laminated material suitable to work on standard packaging lines. An important factor for food manufacturers is a lower specific gravity in relation to polymer packaging, which has a positive effect on the environment and reduces the burden of the product cost. Plus, the ability to print on packaging makes amThermRigidPaper an excellent marketing tool for any company.


  • High transparency, Water Quench Technology
  • High puncture resistance
  • Low forming temperature, no additional heating station required
  • Sealing through fat
  • Coloring the film in any color
  • High level of oxygen resistance
  • Deep formability
  • Easy opening „Easy Peel”
  • White paper effect, kraft


Laminate paper is an ideal material for various types of printing, retaining its natural colors for the entire life of the product.

If you do not have a ready-made packaging layout, we offer our clients an individual development of a product brand. Ampac Packaging will help you design your packaging and make sure your product stands out on the shelves in stores and supermarkets.