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Reliable Medical Packaging Solutions

We offer packaging solutions designed specifically to improve efficiency of the packaging process in the healthcare industry. Using modern technology and efficient packaging procedures, we provide our customers with packaging materials designed to reduce costs and meet stringent industry packaging standards.

With our wide range of films suitable for use in the medical industry, which requires a perfect sealing, safety and excellent barrier properties, You will find solutions which meet those expectations. Those are particularly important in the sterilization process of reusable medical instruments and in packing process of disposable medical instruments.

High Quality Medical Packaging

Ampac Packaging offers sterile, barrier and high quality packaging solutions for medical device manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare facilities. We use modern manufacturing technologies, research and development services to work for the benefit of our clients and their patients around the world.

Appropriate packaging ensures effective sterilization and maintains sterility in terms of use of the packaged product. The compatibility of the packaging system with the packaging material and its sterilization method, handling procedures and labeling should always be verified. A well-designed medical packaging solution facilitates aseptic opening and use of the sterile element. Our barrier systems for pharmaceutical and medical packaging, as well as medical devices, improve patient safety and packaging efficiency.