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Properties and Options

When you buy packaging materials from Ampac Packaging, you get the best technical support in the industry from us. Our approach is practical. Not only will we solve your problems, but also help you get the highest level of performance with our films. We are constantly improving our products and working hard to innovate.
Our technical team works closely with machine manufacturers to make our films work on your equipment.
By helping you optimize the manufacturing process, we can reduce total production costs.
We offer an online troubleshooting guide.
Ampac Packaging technicians can visit your site to help you overcome material and machine problems.

Technical Support Centers

Our technical support services involve all types of packaging methods: thermoforming machines, traysealing, flow-pack, vacuum and shrink bags (for food, medical and technical industries). These technical centers were the first of their kind. Equipped with the latest machines and expert staff, they are solely dedicated to assisting you with product packaging and technical support.
Ampac Technical Support will help you improve existing films and create new ones.
We constantly test newly developed films, laminates and bags to improve performance.
We evaluate the performance of alternative materials.
We can duplicate your work environment in our lab to quickly identify and resolve technical problems.
We offer training seminars for your packaging engineers, packaging designers and production staff.

Qualified Staff

Our technical support staff offers you in-depth knowledge of both packaging machinery and flexible packaging materials. We can help you determine the optimal machine parameters for your materials on your existing line. In addition, we can support you with the installation and optimization process to ensure safe and fast commissioning of your products and maximum productivity. This entails the acceptance of certain packaging materials, routines, documentation and all other key elements. We offer onsite training to customer personnel to ensure safe, efficient operation and maximum productivity.