Packaging for Cheese and Other Dairy Products2021-04-09T14:32:27+00:00

Types of Films

Ampac Packaging provides a wide range of packaging solutions for cheese and dairy producers. We are aware that quality packaging for cheese plays an important role in this industry, so that different kinds of cheese (low, medium and high gassing) can be stored for a long time ripening and then on the store shelves, all of that having safe and attractive packaging.


A packaging solution for each product is individually tailored, as we are always looking for the perfect fit. It depends on the product type and desired effect. Our company offers packaging for hard cheese, semi hard cheese, blue mold, white mold, fresh and goat cheese in different forms: sliced, grated or in one piece, ripe or ripening. By contacting us, you will receive from our employees a comprehensive service starting from the proposal of packaging material to a complete concept of printed packaging, the design of which you can deliver or it can be prepared by our team of graphic designers.