Skin Films for Cheese and Other Dairy Products

///Skin Films for Cheese and Other Dairy Products
Skin Films for Cheese and Other Dairy Products2021-04-08T19:05:18+00:00



amSkin’s multilayer technology produces highly versatile films for use as top cover layer. Thinking about the packaged products of our Customers, we increase the shelf life, provide a high level of barrier performance and at the same time reduce packaging costs. amSkin is the ultimate packaging solution for food manufacturers looking for premium packaging ideas.

Properties and Options

  • High transparency, maximum product attractiveness
  • Excellent sealing properties
  • The taste of the product remains unchanged
  • Storage in various temperature ranges possible
  • Significant extension of the shelf life
  • Full leakage control thanks to a tight fit
  • Different colors available
  • High-quality printing up to 10 colors




  • Enhances the natural shape of the product
  • High puncture resistance – guarantees package integrity
  • Easy peel function
  • Excellent formability
  • Prevents contamination and extends shelf life
  • 20-30% material savings
  • Product does not move in the packaging




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