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Anti-Fog for Packaging

Modern technologies in the packaging industry play an important role in preventing food waste. In particular, the use of special film additives improves the preservation of the product. The so-called anti-fog additives, „antirosa” (English: Fog – fog, fogging – fogging) are used to minimize the effect of film fogging.

Developed in the early 1970s, this additive prevents condensation on polymer packaging material, extends the shelf life of packaged products, prevents their premature deterioration and improves the appearance of the packaging.

What Products Need Anti-Fog Additive?

To a large extent, the problem of fogging is relevant for packaging solid food products containing moisture, and a number of others, such as: fruit and vegetables; fresh or processed meat, fish and seafood, cheese and other dairy products, sausages, frankfurters and cured meat. According to experts, 30% of the total number of packaged vegetables producers use anti fog additive; among meat producers – 10%. As for other segments, the percentage of use of the anti fog supplement is constantly growing.

Concentrates such as anti fog are mainly used in the most popular combinations of packaging films: PET / PE, BOPP / PE, BOPP / PE, PET / PP, BOPP / PP, BOPP / PP.