Manufacturing Process

The knowledge and experience of our specialists in the field of polymer processing, using the latest technologies, ensures world-class quality and functionality of our products.


Flexible coextrusion films are produced in the form of 5 to 13-layer structures. The main advantage of the production of multilayer films, using the coextrusion method is the cost-effectiveness of this process. From the point of view of avoiding waste, the advantage of this method is the ability to achieve high barrier properties, the highest strength, as well as transparency at a lower thickness.

Cast/метод машинного литья

Cast / Machine Casting Method

The extruded polymer melt is poured onto a cold drum, on which it solidifies and forms a film, which is then wound onto a roll. This “natural” manufacturing method produces very high quality films: homogeneous, highly flat and has very good optical properties.


The lamination process consists of combining two or more layers of film or paper. The materials to be combined often have different natural properties and are laminated, using complex adhesives designed specifically for the end use of the laminate. The individual layers are bonded to form a multi-layer laminate that summarizes the specific characteristics of each individual material.

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We have two methods of „lamination”. One of them is called „dry lamination”, using glue that is diluted with an organic solvent with laminated materials. Because we dry the organic solvent and evaporate it during the lamination process. The other method is called „extrusion lamination”, which laminates two materials by extruding a molten resin. It is also called „sandwilling”.

Ламинация пленок
Закаливание холодной водой / Water quench

Cold Water Hardening / Water Quench

This manufacturing technology makes it possible to obtain the most transparent and flexible film, which is at the same time strong with a high level of heat resistance.

It is believed to be the second commercially available system to use the direct application of water to the bubble to cool the blown film.

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Pouring Onto Cold Roll / Chill Roll

PET based co-extrusion slit films are produced by extrusion on a chill roll. The film obtained by this method is an alternative material for PA / PE films. In some cases, it can replace rigid films. Ideal for bottom labellers.

Triple Bubble Technology

Some films are manufactured using the “Triple Bubble” technology – the most modern lines. Through biaxially oriented stretching and changes in the molecular structures of the film, the Triple Bubble technology allows to obtain a material with high shrinkage. It also allows the producers to significantly increase the barrier and strength and ensure sealing at low temperatures with high seam strength.