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Packaging Solutions for the Technical Industry

At Ampac Packaging we find innovative solutions for your products. That is why we produce a wide range of technical films designed for specialized applications. These films provide improved „wetting”, adhesion and formability, as well as withstand high temperatures. Thanks to our experience in extrusion, co-extrusion of films, as well as in high-barrier coating, we supply packaging products that are used in chemical, automotive, electronic and technical industries.
With Ampac Packaging, you get a complete package of high quality products and great service!


  • Films are available in a wide range in terms of width, thickness and properties
  • They provide excellent technical properties
  • These films withstand high temperatures and provide exceptional rigidity
  • All films are manufactured to the highest standards
  • Films have high performance level
  • Films are manufactured in a controlled environment according to the strictest GMP standards
  • Thanks to a global source, you can always get the required amount of material, no matter where your company is located.
  • Our managers will guide you to the right solution and help you find cost-effective solutions that meet your needs
  • With our manufacturing experience, you can reduce your overall product cost without losing good quality.
  • Ampac Packaging’s global technical support services are always on hand to assist you when needed
  • Our engineers develop customized solutions for customers.


Anti-static and Nonconductive Bags

Anti-static dissipative and nonconductive bags are perfect as technical packaging for transporting electronic devices that can be affected by electrostatics.


1. Antistatic Nonconducting Bags

Nonconductive bags are most often black, made of polyethylene with a thickness of about 80 microns. These bags contain statically sensitive components that ensure the sintering of charges on the package, both from the inside and on its surface. Thanks to this material, static charge does not accumulate, it forms obstacles to its formation during friction. Additionally, the packaging protects the electro-material from external fields.

This type of bags is used for packaging ESD-sensitive elements. Although lately, metallized bags are more popular for such elements.

2. Anti-static Dissipative Bags

Pink antistatic bags are diffusion bags made of polyethylene material with a thickness of about 90 microns. They are called dissipative due to the fact that they do not accumulate charge and do not generate static charge during friction. Diffusion bags are one of the inexpensive antistatic packaging products in the class. They have such a position due to the weak protection of the contents of the bag from the effects of external fields and cannot be used as packaging with a sufficient level of protection for sensitive components. They are mainly used in ESD protected areas or in ESD protective shipping containers. They also pack static-insensitive components and finished products that are stored or transported near sensitive components.

3. Metallized Protective Bags

These protective bags are made of metallized PET material. This laminate gives the package technical properties that provide a high level of protection against electrostatic fields. Between the outer layers of polyester, a metal mesh, also called „Faraday cage”, is sprayed on, which protects the containing material from external fields. And the inner surface has scattering properties.

These packaging are very widely used, since they began to dominate the packaging market for ESD-sensitive components. They are used to transport or store electronic products that are sensitive to static electricity. Metallized bags perfectly protect electronic material from gas and moisture impermeability due to the sealing of the bag.