Thermoformable Films for Oven Cooking

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Thermoformable Films for Oven Cooking

The amTrinCook series includes amTrinCookTherm thermoformable ovenable films. amTrinCookTherm is a bottom thermoformed film for packaging on all types of thermoformers: Multivac, Sealpac, Webomatic, Reepack, Ulma, VC999, Tepro, etc. The bottom thermoforming films are much thicker than the top covers, they are made up to 200 microns. Drawing depth – up to 200 mm. Use – for large large pieces of fish fillets, meat products, semi-finished products, as well as products that have undergone primary culinary processing.

Properties and Options

  • Resistance to high temperatures up to 220°C (430°F)
  • Resistance to low temperatures down to -40°C (-40°F)
  • High mechanical strength;
  • High barrier properties due to the EVOH barrier layer
  • Maximizing the shelf life of packaged products before cooking in the oven
  • Convenience of storage and transportation, including storage in a home refrigerator
  • Possibility of high quality printing


Bottom thermoformed films, as well as top cover films, are divided into medium and high barrier with EVOH layer, which ensures long shelf life of products. The lower thermoformed films are much thicker than the upper cover films, they are made from 100 microns to 350 microns. In turn, the lower thermoformed films are divided into soft and hard. Combined with top cover films, thermoformable bottom films provide strong and convenient packaging for storing and transporting various products. The amTrinCookTherm film is intended for packaging products under vacuum with subsequent baking in the oven for food products. It is possible to pack products in spices, sauce or marinade. Also, this film can be used for packaging chilled or frozen products down to -40 ° C.