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amDOT Oven Cooking Tray

amDOT (Dual Ovenable Trays) is Ampac’s innovation for ready meals.

amDOT is a crystallized PET foam tray that can be put into the oven directly from the freezer. These trays are environmentally friendly and require fewer raw materials to manufacture while providing good technical properties. Since they do not transfer heat, they are safe to use, and when cooled, they do not become brittle or degrade.

The tray is made from 100% PET material and can be recycled after use. DOT can be placed in the dishwasher for reuse. Trays can be heated up to 2000 and cooled down to -400 without melting or deforming.

Due to its properties, the surface always remains cool to the touch, thanks to which the consumer can serve food directly from the oven to the table.

The DOT tray can be painted in different colors and have a shape and size more suitable for the product.