Development of Films with Anti-Fog Effect2021-02-08T12:13:04+00:00

Films with an anti-fog effect are about 1% more expensive than their standard formulation.

The main directions of the development of films with the anti-fog additive:

  • Increasing the duration of the additive’s action. On average, the „antifog” masterbatch demonstrates an effect up to six months.
  • However, with the development of high-barrier films that extend the shelf life of products, it is important to maintain an attractive appearance of the product throughout the entire shelf life.
  • Development and adaptation of recipes for non-food products. The use of anti-fog supplements is popular for packaging sports goods, pharmaceuticals, and more.
  • Combination of film properties. For example, with anti-fog and UV protection. Most products that are negatively affected by UV radiation are packed in an opaque film. Therefore, thanks to antifog, transparencies can be used to pack them. Along with this, there are many combinations of antifog + antistatic agent. Thus, the use of an anti-fog additive solves two main tasks to improve the properties of polymer packaging: it preserves the transparency of the film, accordingly, increases the attractiveness and helps to increase the shelf life of packaged products.