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Paper lamination is an innovative packaging solution offered by Ampac Packaging dedicated for all sectors of the food industry. These laminates meet the individual needs of customers and perfectly combine the natural look of packaging with important technical functions.

We have a team of highly qualified technical specialists in the field of lamination, including lamination with paper. We are experienced in helping our clients find the right paper products for their business, seeking profitability without sacrificing performance or high standards. Film laminated with paper is one of our exclusive products. Thanks to our specially developed material, many years of manufacturing experience and qualifications, your product can be completed in a very short period of time.


Our expert technical support will help you select the most suitable paper quality that will meet all your requirements related to appearance and functionality.



Laminate paper is an ideal material for various types of printing, retaining its natural colors for the entire life of the product.

If you do not have a ready-made packaging layout, we offer our clients an individual development of a product brand. Ampac Packaging has a highly trained team of graphic designers to help you design your packaging and make sure your product stands out on the shelves in stores and supermarkets.