Flow-Pack Paper Laminated Films

//Flow-Pack Paper Laminated Films
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amFlowPaper is used for packing products in a modified atmosphere (MAP). The three-seam packaging is sealed and protects the goods from moisture, and when using metallized films, from the penetration of ultraviolet radiation into the package. amFlowPaper can be used for both horizontal and vertical flow-pack lines.


  • High packing speed (up to 200 cycles / min.)
  • Resistance to multiple creases
  • Temperature endurance -40°C (-40°F) to +220°C (430°F)
  • Used for pasteurization and oven applications
  • Possibility of lamination with paper
  • High barrier with EVOH
  • Antifog system
  • Excellent optical properties: transparency, gloss, no optical distortion
  • High level of strength
  • Flexographic printing up to 12 colors

For some time now, Ampac Packaging has been producing films laminated with paper for the FlowPac lines. The material has excellent technical properties that make each package look like paper. This combination has an amazing marketing effect on the client, as the product looks attractive, natural and fresh. amFlowPaper is also an effective packaging material in terms of the packagig process, which includes speed, retaining high quality and low waste costs.