Paper Touch Effect – Paper-Like Printing

//Paper Touch Effect – Paper-Like Printing
Paper Touch Effect – Paper-Like Printing2021-03-15T15:02:00+00:00

Paper Imitation / Paper Touch Effect

Ampac Packaging is always interested in finding new ways to attract customers and to ensure that they choose our product. That is why we are introducing Paper Touch Coating, a special varnish that gives packaging a papery feel. The Paper Touch Coating is soft to touch in comparison to water or UV coating, creating a fingerprint-resistant barrier. The varnish contains textile additives that make the material look like paper or cloth.

Ampac Packaging can customize the tactile varnish for any and every material. The varnish can be applied either to a selected area or to the entire material. This effect makes the film an amazing solution for both the touch and the eye.

Paper Touch Effect imitates paper and thanks to its natural look the consumer associates the product with environment and freshness.


  • Ability to work at high equipment speeds
  • Suitable for all sectors of the food industry
  • Can be applied to all types of flexible packaging
  • Selective varnish application
  • Suitable for packaging wet and chilled food
  • Meets marketing demands
  • Variety of packaging appearance
  • Reducing the material used
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Attractiveness of appearance
  • Stronger than packaging laminated with paper

Some of our customers have already used Paper Touch on their packaging. One example is the Sarmich Cheese Factory, which has already applied it to its Cheddar product, a natural cheese. The film was designed with a print that mimics the effect of paper. It is also a good alternative for foods like sliced meats, where barrier and strength of the packaging are the most important factors and that is why a paper packaging cannot be used.