Our Mission, Vision and Values

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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Through decades of experience, Ampac Packaging has now achieved a continuing competitive edge in the food packaging industry, because of a constant desire to invest in quality and innovation. The mission of the company is to further improve its know-how and increase the range of products, offering packaging solutions of the highest quality. Environmental awareness, product design, quality and safety are the hallmarks of Ampac Packaging.


Our mission is to design, manufacture and supply a wide range of flexible packaging products to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and requirements. The way we achieve this allows us to remain profitable but also economical, and also allows us to offer our customers innovative and reliable packaging solutions. Regular management reviews of our quality system, as well as compliance with ISO 9001:2015, ensure the highest quality of our production and the availability of resources for the implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of our systems.


At Ampac Packaging, our vision is to lead as an independent flexible packaging manufacturer, providing the overall quality-oriented packaging solutions that other manufacturers aspire to. We create long-term relationships that are mutually beneficial for all the parties involved. Offering all members of the Ampac Packaging team the opportunity to expand their existing skills and professional development, we believe in building a highly specialized workforce within the company to deliver an excellent work ethic and enjoyment of work.


Creation and execution are key components of all our processes. Continuous improvement of our company enables us to offer high quality products and services.

We are ready to very quickly and efficiently meet the needs of the market, supporting our customers in the process of their production.

We strive to listen carefully to our partners. We are committed to making every effort to provide immediate answers to all their questions, and we try to communicate clearly about our goals and plans for the future.

We regard our employees, customers and suppliers as partners, and they are among our most valuable assets. Therefore, we treat them with the utmost respect and our care for the environment guides our actions towards sustainable development.