Ovenable Trays for Oven Cooking

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Ovenable Trays for Oven Cooking2021-02-10T17:52:05+00:00

More and more people are looking for food that they will spend little time preparing.

This consumers’ demand can be satisfied with fresh or pre-cooked food that is sold with sauce, seasoning or marinade in a packaging suitable for oven and microwave applications. Ampac Pacakging offers ovenable flexible packaging materials as a complete solution for ready-to-cook meals.

A variety of trays sealable with amTrinCookLid

Aluminium Trays

Aluminum, as a material, can be recycled – the loss of quality is limited and it preserves its original properties. It is a safe packaging solution for direct contact with food, which can be used in the freezer and in the oven, thanks to very high temperature resistance (from -40°C to 350°C). Disposable Aluminium trays make it easier to keep the kitchen clean and tidy, while keeping the product fresh and safe from the packaging line to your table. Aluminum trays – especially in demand in the summer barbecue season.

Foamed PET Trays

The foamed PET tray has many benefits. For starters, it can be recycled or used multiple times, which makes it an environment friendly solution. Also, this kind of trays is able to withstand from -40° to +220°C, while staying odorless and its surface remaining cool to the touch, even when removing the food from the oven.

CPET and PET Paper Laminated Trays

Additionally Ampac offers CPET trays and PET paper laminated trays. They can also be used to cook food in the oven or reheat meals in the microwave.

DOT Trays (for baking and other oven applications)

DOT (Dual Ovenable Trays), as an innovative, multifunctional and convenient product, which is a perfect solution for ready-to-cook meals, meet the requirements of many companies (enterprises, plants) and markets, including the production and distribution of food.

amDOT (Dual Ovenable Trays)– это инновация Ampac для готовых блюд