Films for FLOW-PACK Machines

Films for FLOW-PACK Machines2021-04-08T17:22:29+00:00



The amFlow films are used to pack fresh and processed meat products in a modified gas environment (MAP). The packaging is always hermetically sealed and protects the goods against moisture, and with the use of metallized films also against ultraviolet radiation, while the barrier layer maintains its properties over the entire surface. amFlow films can be used with both horizontal and vertical flow-pack lines – their versatility is highly appreciated in the food industry.

The flow-pack packaging system is currently one of the most popular methods of film packing. Thanks to simple and practical technology, this system provides fast and precise packaging of a wide range of products. amFlow films intended for this efficient system meet the highest expectations in terms of transparency, barrier properties, durability and print quality.

Properties and Options

  • High packing speed (up to 120 pcks./min)
  • High barrier with EVOH
  • Perforation possible
  • Metallization option
  • No optical distortion
  • High level of mechanical strength
  • Resistance to multiple creases
  • Used for pasteurization and sterilization
  • Possibility of lamination with paper, laser cut


  • Anti-fog system
  • Excellent optical properties: transparent and shiny material
  • Suitable for freezing down to -40°C/-40°F
  • Flexographic printing up to 12 colors, including paper imitation (Paper Touch Effect)
  • Available also as a mono-material film
  • Available also as a film for cooking in an oven up to 220°C/428°F


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