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The technology of the SKIN packaging system, produced in our company under the name amSkinTop, enhaces the contours and shape of the product, which allows for the creation of a packaging with the most natural and attractive appearance, all of that while maintaining all important technical properties.

amSkinTop films are an extremely versatile, multi-purpose solution that is very popular among the producers as the packaging of fresh and processed meat. We know that packaging is not only about the technical properties that a given packaging should have, but also about aesthetic aspects, which in case of amSkinTop films are at a very high level. Appropriate product presentation is the key to sales. With amSkinTop you can give your food products a perfect, luxurious and inviting look.

Properties and Options

  • Flawless product appearance
  • Perfect gloss and transparency
  • Puncture resistance
  • The taste of the product remains unchanged
  • Enhances the natural shape of the product
  • 20-30% material savings
  • Keeps the product fresh thanks to barrier properties
  • Product does not move in the packaging
  • High mechanical strength
  • Significant extension of the shelf life
  • Easy opening – Peel effect
  • Possibility of different colors
  • Full leakage control thanks to a tight fit
  • Possibility of pasteurization and sterilization
  • Storage in various temperatures possible
  • High-quality printing up to 10 colors

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