Shrinkable Flow-Pack Films for Cheese and Other Dairy Products

///Shrinkable Flow-Pack Films for Cheese and Other Dairy Products
Shrinkable Flow-Pack Films for Cheese and Other Dairy Products2021-04-09T13:50:39+00:00



amFlowVac is a printale shrink barrier film for vacuum packing various cheese and dairy products. They are used on both, horizontal and vertical flow wrappers, HFFS and VFFS, (such as ULMA Flow-Vac, ILAPAK Delta Flobag, etc.). High shrinkage level makes cheese look perfect – the amFlowVac series does not cause any optical distortion and prevents the excessive parts of the film from appearing on the sides of the packaging.

The amFlowVac shrinkable film is produced with the use of advanced 11-layer technology that allows you to combine polymers with various additives to obtain the highest quality product with specific parameters. This technology is called Triple Bubble. Thanks to biaxially oriented stretching and changes in the molecular structure of the film, the Triple Bubble technology allows to obtain a material with high shrinkage level. It also allows the film to significantly increase its barrier properties and mechanical strength and to ensure tightness of the sealing at low temperatures with great strength of the seam.

Properties and Options

  • Can be used with any tray or backing
  • Guaranteed sealing even at very high working speeds
  • Flexographic printing capability up to 10 colors
  • Perfect protection during packaging and transport
  • Excellent shrinkage up to 50%
  • Reduced excessive parts of the films
  • Attractive product appearance due to high transparency
  • High production capacity
  • Excellent quality of the seam
  • No optical distortion
  • High degree of EVOH barrier resistance
  • Wide range of sizes and thicknesses
  • Excellent processing and mechanical properties
  • Glossy surface and shine
  • Perfect reflection of the natural shape of the product

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