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amFlow – high-quality barrier films used as modified atmosphere MAP packaging material for fresh or processed poultry products (chicken, duck, turkey) suitable for horizontal and vertical flow wrappers – HFFS and VFFS. Options and properties of the amFlow series include high barrier properties due to the presence of EVOH or ALOx for longer freshness and shelf life, anti-fog and high-quality interlayer flexographic printing for perfect product appearance and lamination with paper for an eco-friendly packaging look.

Properties and Options

  • High packing speed
  • High barrier with EVOH
  • Resistance to multiple creases
  • Used for pasteurization and sterilization
  • Possibility of lamination with paper, laser cut
  • No optical distortion
  • High level of mechanical strength
  • Excellent optical properties: transparent and shiny material


  • Anti-fog system
  • Perforation possible
  • Suitable for freezing down to -40°C/-40°F
  • Metallization option available
  • Flexographic printing up to 12 colors, including paper imitation (Paper Touch Effect)
  • Available also as a recyclable mono-material film
  • Available also as a film for oven cooking up to 220°C/428°F


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