It is an innovative packaging technology that offers a transition from traditional rigid containers to flexible packaging bags with a capacity of 2 to 20 liters. Thanks to this design, you can use the space more efficiently – SmartBags take up less space in the warehouse and during transportation, which significantly reduces storage and transportation costs.
The SmartBag is made of flexible films – it has flat, strong seals at the corners to provide rigidity that maintains the shape of the package.

Properties and Options

  • Stable stand thanks to the cubic shape
  • Precise filling thanks to different attachments
  • More printable surface
  • Less waste
  • Takes up 90% less space during transportation and storage
  • Improved dosage
  • Ease of folding
  • Easy to use thanks to the handles on both sides
  • Increased product utilization
  • Capacity 2-20 liters
  • Lighter than any other packaging for similar applications

Versatility of Applications

This packaging technology can be used successfully for condiments, cooking oils, soups, sauces, syrups, juices, water, grains, rice, dry baked goods, ground coffee beans, and breakfast cereals. It is also suitable for the technical sector products: automotive oils, detergents, paints, building powder and other chemicals.
Previously, these products were available only in rigid packaging such as boxes, bottles and cans.
Now, with SmartBag, thanks to its various shapes, sizes and configurations, this flexible packaging is a multipurpose solution for almost any application. It can be either transparent or printed.